intheissueof'ForestandStream'forOctober29,1910.1 Itwasthis republicationthatgaveme acluetothesourcewhencetheRockyMountain Sheep was originaly introduced into technical-zoological literature, for immediately I recalled the fact that Mr. Savage's drawing and Mr. McGilli- Fig.3. ReversedandmodifiedcopyofplateInAnn.duMus.Nat.Hist.,Vol.II, platelx. SeeFig.2. BasedoriginallyonsamedrawingasFig.1. vray's account as published in a New York newspaper formed the basis of Geoffroy's original description and figure of his 'Belier de Montagne,' in 1803, which became the basis of Desmarest's name Ovis cervina early in 1804. ITheFirstStoryofaSheepHunt. ForestandStream,Vol.LXXV,No.18,pp.692, 693. Seealsoafurtheraccount,withreferencestoGeoffroy,Shaw,andDesmarest,inthe numberofthisjournalforNov. 19,1910,pp.811,812. As republished in the 'European Magazine and London Review' (judging by the literal reprint of it in 'Forest and Stream' in 1910), the article is divided into seven paragraphs, thesentencesbeginuniformlywithacapitalletter,andmany superfluouscommas areomitted. In other respects it is almost an exact reproduction of the original 'Advertiser' text. Through the courtesy of Dr. George Bird Grinnell, editor of 'Forest and Stream,' I have been able to examine the original article in a file of the 'Advertiser' discovered by him in the New York Society Library.
of the
American Museum of Natural History

Volume XXXI, 1912

59.0, 735Q
Historical & Nomenclatorial Notes on North American Sheep